Customer - Bottle Closures Manufacturer

Production Volume - 24 / 7 Manufacturer
Geographic Base - Global

The customer wanted to improve turnaround time on development tooling that produced samples used to prototype new closures. Additionally the customer wanted to use Injection Molding for prototyping rather than the production type Compression Molding they were currently using.

Reduced lead times for prototype tooling and provide new tooling allowing for over-molding using existing mold bases.

Working directly with the customer's Design and Manufacturing Team PTD was able to develop a strategy that would meet the customer's objectives. PTD designed tooling that used easily found commercial components custom machined to meet design criteria. Included were common tooling mold bases, inserts, and slides to help with product change over.

Reduced tooling costs by 28% and changeover times while meeting the customer's turnaround requirements. and by designing the tooling We were also directed to decrease the change over time from one type of closure to another in their R&D.

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