Customer - Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Production Volume - 24 / 7
Geographic Base - Global

To remain in the strong competitive position the customer enjoyed they needed to react more quickly to market demand by reducing supplier lead-times and minimizing rework.

To find a tooling supplier better able to consistently deliver precision tooling within shorter than normal lead times.

After visiting and meeting with a team of Engineers and Floor Technicians to assess their needs, the recommendations offered by PTD were accepted and the customer placed the first order.

Early in the relationship PTD uncovered the primary reasons the customer was experiencing tooling related problems. The models supplied by the customer were incomplete leading and getting answers and information quickly enough to ensure rapid delivery compounded the problem. To expedite the process PTD worked with the customer's Engineering team to review the Models prior to delivering them for production and to assign a go-to person able to provide quick answers as needed. These process improvements resulted in lead times being reduced from six to three weeks.

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