Customer - Tire Manufacturer - Construction Equipment

Production Volume - 24 / 7 Manufacturer
Geographic Base - Global

The company was having extrusion quality issues coupled with premature die wear and die interchangeability.

Tooling that produces to specification and reduced tool change-over time

After meeting and consulting with the customer's Engineering and Machine Techs to review their challenges, PTD discovered the Tooling being supplied by the OEM was not being manufactured to specification. PTD then produced a set of sample tooling for the customer to try.

The sample tool set solved the quality issues the customer was experiencing while reducing change over time by 70%. Additionally, they were able to remove the set, take it to another assembly line, install, and push the go button with out having to readjust the station to accommodate new tools. As an added benefit a PTD suggested material change improved Tool life by 30%.

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